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Glass tabletops are beautiful and functional, but they have their own weird quirks, flaws, and problems just like anything else — and scratches can definitely be one of those quirks. While glass is a hard and durable surface, if you’ve ever dealt with scratches in glass, you know how annoying they can be. When you see scratches on the surface of the glass table you use every day, it can start to drive you crazy!  

Don’t lose hope just yet. In many cases, minor scratches can be repaired or made to look better. And sometimes, you can even remedy scratches yourself — with the right tools and equipment. Here are a few ways you can improve scratches from glass tabletops around your home.

Important Note: All DIY glass repair methods are attempted at customers own risk. Always use proper personal protective equipment when working with glass, and remember that none of these methods are as effective as professional glass repair in Center Valley, PA.

The ‘Toothpaste Method’

This is something we have seen online and have heard testimonials of it working.  First, clean your glass tabletop using glass cleaner and a soft cloth (such as a lint-free microfiber cleaning towel). 

Next, rub a tiny amount of toothpaste into the scratch (or scratches) with a damp washcloth. Use very gentle movements to polish away damage, working in circular motions. The light abrasive qualities of the toothpaste can help remedy superficial scratches, but be careful since too much scrubbing can cause the exact problem you’re trying to fix. 

Once you’re satisfied that the scratches have been removed or reduced, grab a wet, clean cloth and rub off the toothpaste. Clean the glass again with the cleaner, then inspect the surface to check for flaws.

The ‘Glass Repair Kit’ Method

Many big-box stores and online retailers sell and offer DIY glass repair kits for car windshields, home windows, and other glass surfaces. We cannot vouch for all of these, but they can be effective on glass tabletops as well, but always be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Never ignore specifications about drying time, quantities of chemicals to apply, or personal protective equipment. 

The ‘Jeweler’s Method’

Jewelers use professional-grade metal polishes and glass polishes, often including compounds such as cerium oxide, to remove scratches from tiny gemstones and other jewelry components. You can find this polish, often called “Jeweler’s Rouge,” online or in some specialty hobby shops.

Once you have your jeweler’s rouge, start by cleaning the glass (have you noticed a pattern yet?). Then, apply it to the glass with a lint-free cloth and use small, circular motions to rub it into the scratched areas. Be careful not to spread onto other surfaces as it stains easily. You may need to use more than one coat for deeper scratches. Once you no longer see any marks, or marks seem improved, wipe away any remaining polish with a damp cloth, then clean the glass once more.

The Best Method

If you’ve tried it all, but nothing has worked, don’t leave that glass tabletop in the back of your basement. Contact Alderfer Glass for glass repair in Center Valley, PA! We specialize in removing light scratches, fixing and repairing windshield cracks, and even replacing tabletops that have been excessively damaged. With just one call, you can make your table look new again, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our pros. We’re looking forward to bringing your furniture back to its former glory!

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