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Residential Quote Procedure



General Information

All residential measurements and quotes are processed from our main Telford location. This location is the site of our residential staff offices, product manufacture/warehousing, and the dispatch of all trucks for Alderfer Glass Co.

Our residential office staff can be reached at (215) 723-1192 or via email.  

Estimates & Quotes

All quotes provided over the phone or in our store/showroom locations (for nearly all types of residential jobs) are considered to be approximate until a field measurement.

Any pricing should be considered to be dependent on measurement unless strictly defined in writing as an official quotation. Any material changes in product measured vs. product quoted will void the showroom estimate – even if written. All quotes are generally valid for a period of 30 days and are free at the time of measurement and require no obligation until the date of order.


A deposit (typically 50%) may be required to place order and schedule job over certain $$$ amounts. Please be aware that a templating or measurement charge may be built-in to your overall cost estimate – if you would like you product supply only (not installed) such a charge may subsequently be added to the total.

All design and measurement services performed prior to sale is considered the sole property of Alderfer Glass Co. until the consumer orders their product from Alderfer Glass Co.


Additional Information

Also be aware that Alderfer Glass Co. does not use “flat pricing” models like some competitors. While our quoting procedures require measurements and a physical estimate (thus a bit more time), we can guarantee that your quote fits your job precisely.

Flat pricing models typically over-charge customers for the actual product provided, often rely on ‘standard sizes’ that may not fit your home, or hit customers with after-job surcharges that were not revealed in the original estimate. Consumers should insist on exact quotes for exact products – particularly if trying to qualify for federal energy tax credits or relying on a quote for real estate settlement.

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