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Retail Products

Alderfer Glass offers a broad range of retail products relating to the glass industry in each of our five showroom locations. Each store is equipped with a fully stocked display of featured products and many of our most in-demand parts and accessories:

  • Glass Cleaning Products
  • Heavy Duty Household Cleaners
  • Cleaning Cloths and Towels
  • Glass Coatings and Protectant Products
  • Shower & General Purpose Squeegees
  • Adhesives and Glazing
  • Mirror Clips and Brackets
  • Mirror Mastic and Adhesives
  • Storm Door Parts & Accessories
  • Glass Block – Loose Pieces 
  • Glass Block Pre-Fabbed Panels
  • Glass Block Supplies
  • Shelf Hardware
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Shower Door Trims and Seals
  • Shower Door Parts and Accessories
  • Screening Supplies
  • Bulk Orders for Supplies
  • Lower 48 Shipping is Available

In addition to our stock retail items, we can special order a variety of glass related products in a reasonable time period. Our showrooms also offer a variety of wall art, furniture and clocks from the designer firm Uttermost Co. for catalog order. Please contact our professional staff with any questions or comments and stop into any showroom location to see directly.



Additional Photos credit: CRL

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