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Pet Doors in Glass

Premium Pet Doors by Security Boss

Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Doors | Authorized Dealer
Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC is the leading manufacturer of high performance pet doors. The MaxSeal line is available in several models that range from installation into doors and walls to specialty models for French doors and In-the-Glass. Maintainable forever, these doors feature a limited lifetime warranty and are designed for optimum performance. No other pet door offers the same level of insulating seal and security.

MaxSeal In-the-Glass pet doors are specially designed with a low profile exterior to allow your sliding door to glide past the pet door once installed. These doors are designed so that they can be maintained forever in their high performance condition. The installation of our pet door through glass can be reversed in the future if you decide to move, simply have your glass professional reinstall the original glass panel.

Security Boss MaxSeal Pet DoorsSecurity Boss Pet Screen Doors are a great companion product for In-the-Glass Installs: allowing the customer to provide access for their pet in any kind of weather or season of the year. These screen pet doors are made with rugged aluminum framing, tough scratch resistant pet screen and can be maintained indefinitely. Click here to view the Security Boss Pet Screen Door lifetime warranty.

MaxSeal Pet Doors, “The Best by Design”

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