Alderfer Glass carries a full line of glazing plastics as well as specialty plastics to satisfy any variety of project needs. Each of our stores carries an assortment of basic plastic sheet products, and our warehouse in Telford is fully stocked with a variety of plastic products like Plexiglass sheets to provide quick lead times and solid product availability:

  • Acrylic (Plexiglas®) Flat Sheet (3/32 – ½”)
  • Polycarbonate (Lexan®) Flat Sheet (1/8 – ½”)
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Plastic Cutting and Polishing
  • Tinted Acrylics
  • Patterned Acrylics
  • Colored Acrylics 
  • Machinery Guards
  • Acrylic Signage
  • Lighting Covers
  • Acrylic Boxes
  • Acrylic Bending
  • Acrylic Tubes
  • Acrylic Adhesives and Supplies
  • Bulk Orders and Pickup at Retail Stores
Plastics Glass

Credit: KingPlastics

Let us assist you with your next plastics project and rely on our experience to get the job done right at a reasonable price. Contact our staff today at (215) 723-1192, with any questions or to place an order.


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