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Shower Enclosure Care & Cleaning

Use the guidelines below to keep your shower enclosure clean and spotless for years to come:

  • Wipe down enclosure after every use using soft cloth or squeegee to remove water deposits and minerals from glass.
  • Clean periodically with warm clean water, diluted mild soap or detergent and be sure to dry fully after cleaning.  Cleaning interval will be determined by shower usage and water mineral content.
  • Wipe in a gentle circular motion. Do not scrub or use heavy pressure on your patterned glass. For stubborn spot removal on sandblasted or acid-etched glass, use a product that cuts oil such as Goo Gone. Then clean again with gentle spray cleaner.
  • More heavy cleaning can be achieved with household cleaners (see BEMA guide below) and with glass cleaner.
  • Also be sure that all cloth or cleaning aids are non-abrasive and soft.  Never use steel wool or any other abrasive on glass or metal.
  • Never use abrasive chemicals like Comet powder.
  • Never use acid or alkali cleaning solutions.
  • Be sure to maintain and drain holes on inside of shower to be sure that water does not become ‘trapped’ and leak to the outside.
  • Utililize protective coatings like CRL Surface Protector, ClearShield, or permanent coatings like Guardian Showerguard® to keep minerals out of glass porous structure and retain long-term clean.

Alderfer Glass CleanerAlderfer Glass Branded Cleaner

Alderfer Glass branded glass cleaner is popular all across the Delaware Valley with homeowners and commercial cleaners alike.  Some buy it by the can, some customers buy it by the case! Vinegar and ammonia based glass cleaners will streak and they can also cause black spots on mirrors. Because this alcohol based formula does not contain ammonia, Alderfer Glass cleaner can be safely used on all glass, metal, and mirrors. The formula sprays out as a foam so it won’t run or drip. One spray, one wipe, no streaks, you’re done. We use it every day and so should you!

Alderfer Glass CleaningSqueegees

Alderfer Glass Co. carries a full line of shower care squeegees to help you maintain your shower. Our recommended brand for high-quality squeegees is Cleret headquartered in Portland Oregon. Multiple choices are on display in each of our showrooms, and available for purchase on eBay through Alderfer Glass!

Guardian ShowerguardGuardian Showerguard®Glass

Ordinary glass is prone to damage and aging from hard water, soap, humidity and more. But ShowerGuard glass is extraordinary. It’s an entirely different kind of glass that’s protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. This technology permanently seals the glass surface, for a shower that stays beautiful shower after shower with just a minimal amount of cleaning.  Now with lifetime limited warranty.

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Alderfer Glass Care and Cleaning Information Sheet

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