Furniture Glass

There is no better way to protect your furniture from wear and elements like a glass top from Alderfer Glass. Furniture is getting more expensive by the day. Restored antique furniture is priceless and cannot be replaced. Using longtime industry experience and the finest glass products available, we can create a standard or custom top to fit your needs.
Furniture Glass Alderfer

  • Glass Table Tops
  • Beveled and Custom Edge Options Available
  • Glass Desk Tops
  • Conference Table Glass Tops
  • Dining Table Glass Tops
  • Acrylic Table Tops
  • Counter Tops and Raised Glass Bars
  • Bar Protection and Tops
  • Furniture Glass Repair & Replacement
  • Bent Glass for Hutches and Antiques
  • Custom Glass Shapes and Sizes
  • Unusual and Rare Glass Patterns
  • Antique and Restoration Glass
  • Antique Mirror

Bring your own template to our showroom locations or have a residential estimator field measure and/or install, the choice is yours. Glass shelving, custom bar tops, kitchen counters and more are also available in a variety of designs and combinations. Contact our residential department at (215) 723-1192 to make an appointment or to gather pricing and information.

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