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Glass table tops are nothing new in the world of interior design, but they’re definitely having a moment in the spotlight! Whether you’re planning to add a glass pane on top of your wooden table top or you prefer the totally transparent look, there’s no better time than now to add this awesome feature to your living space. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a glass table top!

Stylish and Adaptable

Glass table tops have a sleek and stylish appearance that can work with any interior design trend you’re using in your home. Do you have a farmhouse kitchen? Use a glass top on your rustic wood kitchen table to help it catch the light and stand out while preserving the natural and old-fashioned theme. Are you creating a contemporary, modern look? A clear glass dining table top will be sure to wow your guests. Adaptability is definitely one of the advantages of glass table tops!

Easy to Care For

Another reason to invest in a glass table top is that they’re easy to clean and care for. Cleaning glass is a snap, especially compared to cleaning wood, granite, or other common household surface materials. Using any glass cleaner and a dry microfiber cloth, you can make glass shine like new in just a few minutes. Care for your table will also be easier with a glass table top. You will not have to refinish wood as often, nor will you need to dust regularly. Simply cleaning the glass every so often will keep the surface looking beautiful.

Creates the Illusion of Space

Did you know that glass cabinets are “in” right now, too? This is because glass creates the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms. By choosing a small table base and a large glass table top, you won’t be sacrificing spots for guests to sit and chat, but you will be opening up visual space in your kitchen or living room!

Protects Your Table

One of the most frustrating things about wood furniture is that it’s susceptible to scratches, dents, water damage, and more. It only takes one careless guest without a coaster for your beautiful dining room table to have water rings on it forever. Protect your coffee table, dining room table, desk, and more with a tempered glass top, and stop worrying about damage! No longer will you have to constantly worry about catching each and every spill. The table will never become sticky or stained, thanks to the protection provided by your glass table top.

Endlessly Customizable

Is the table you want to cover oddly shaped or otherwise unusual? Custom glass table tops can be created in any size, shape, thickness, or design. No matter what kind of table top you need, we can make it to suit your every need.

Change Your Space for the Better!

Looking for a company specializing in glass table tops and beyond? The search ends here! Our team specializes in all things glass, including back-painted glass for commercial spaces and more.

Ready to change your space with a glass table top, or want to browse our other products and services such as our Antique Mirrors? We’re just a phone call or a few clicks away. Let us create something that’ll wow you for years to come!

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