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The unique colors and patterns achieved with back-painted glass can brighten and personalize any space, from small to large. And there’s no better place for a touch of color and personalization than commercial spaces! There are countless opportunities to use back-painted glass to enhance offices, retail stores, and more. Read on to learn just a few of the many inspiring and exciting ways you can use back-painted glass in your commercial spaces.

Translucent Transitions

Whether you’re designing a corporate headquarters or a small shop, you need transition space between the entryway and the inside of the building or within hallways. Back-painted glass makes a colorful and exciting transition piece, and its sleek look matches many existing style elements. You can also use these transitions to your advantage by allowing visitors or customers to get a “sneak peek” of what’s to come through the translucent glass.

Artistic Accent Walls

Accent walls can bring any room to the next level in interior design, and there’s no better place for one than your commercial space. Back-painted glass walls bring in natural light much better than other kinds of walls. Natural light brightens moods, reduces stress, and keeps things cheerful for visitors and staff alike at any business or retail location.

Dining-Room Decor

Do you have an office kitchen with a boring backsplash, or are you designing a cafe eating area? Back-painted glass is a sleek, clean, and affordable choice for eating spaces since it can be completely sanitized with ease and is subtle yet brings a classy, professional touch to anywhere it is used.

Erasable Excellence

The rise of the contemporary corporate office in the past decade has seen the downfall of the traditional whiteboard — and the rise of erasable glass. Placing strategic back-painted glass walls throughout an office gives plenty of space to write, scribble down numbers, or present an idea to a group. Using these convenient erasable spaces can even be a way to communicate information to coworkers or supervisors.

Private Partitions

Back-painted glass partitions can be mounted to frames of any size and shape and put on casters or wheels to move anywhere they are needed. This is a great solution for privacy or peace and quiet. Doing teamwork in a noisy space or having a sensitive one-on-one conversation? A back-painted glass partition can make it as simple as sliding a few conveniently placed panels into place.

Sleek Storage

For an office gym or storing different materials around the office, cabinets or lockers with back-painted glass fronts offer a modern and chic alternative to boring, traditional metal doors. You can even have the glass customized to illustrate what is in the cabinets or lockers or add numbers, letters, or anything else you can imagine.

Understated Yet Unique Logo Placement

Thanks to our ability to screen print glass with designs, we can create imagery on any size or shape of a back-painted glass panel. This means you can place logos, slogans, or other company or brand identity signifiers anywhere on your glass panels. Placing your logo throughout the building encourages employee loyalty and also reminds visitors and customers of your business’s values, brand identity, and public image.

The Choice Is “CLEAR” With Alderfer Glass!

Are you ready to enhance your commercial space with back-painted glass in any size, shape, color, or design? Contact Alderfer Glass and experience the unmatched quality, service, professionalism, and turnaround time we’ve been bringing to our community for over 50 years.

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