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Most modern businesses have commercial storefront windows to grant customers a clear, unobstructed view of products and services available inside and to provide a clean and modern appearance to their commercial building. Unfortunately, glass is subject to cracking and breaking, aluminum and metal components can deteriorate, potentially tarnishing customer impression and comfort, and setting back daily operations. As the leading provider of door repair in and around Allentown, PA, we’ve put together some tips to the most common causes of glass breaks, so you know what to do if your glass is damaged.

Inclement Weather and Extreme Conditions

Heavy winds, hail, and snow can wreak havoc on commercial storefronts. Wind can kick up debris that can chip away at your glass, and ferocious precipitation can lead to dings and fissures. Ice and snow can cause damage through impact, or excessive load or expansion and contraction.  Extreme temperatures, cold and hot, can weaken glass planes — especially if they’re older or are already damaged.

Old Doors or Windows

Window seals and insulation degrade over time, which leaves glass and entryway structures vulnerable to damage. The expanding and contracting of air between pains could lead to cracks as windows age. Condensation and fog on windows indicate that a glass upgrade is needed. Additionally, signs of rot should be addressed when receiving professional repair or replacement. Our experts can replace caulking to stop drafts and heat loss.

Heavy Impact

Rocks, balls, tree limbs, heavy storms, and debris from nearby traffic or auto accidents can cause glass to crack, shatter, or break entirely. To limit damage, it’s imperative to have minor blemishes repaired immediately.  Auto damage is possible through impact through air, ground or in worst case scenarios actual collisions with a building envelope structure.


Heavy impact isn’t always unintentional; glass doors and windows can be easy targets for criminals. Often, they’ll smash a window to grab whatever they can. While you can’t predict when theft or vandalism may happen, reliable doors and windows ensure your business is as much of a fortress as it can be!

Subpar Installation

Sometimes, issues with commercial storefront doors and windows start from the very beginning. Mishaps or oversights in the installation process can have lasting effects and render glass weaker over time. It’s vital to partner with a contractor with an excellent reputation to avoid faulty installation and long-term service.

For more information about our commercial door repair services near Allentown, PA, reach out to our team today!

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