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Mirrors are the perfect decoration for any room in the house. From the foyer to the bathroom to even the hallway, these little pieces of reflective glass can do so much for your space’s lighting and style. One type of mirror we love decorating with is antique mirrors. These mirrors are gaining popularity in households across the country because their ornate detailing and vintage vibes add a unique flair to the home and can be combined with any design style.

If you’re ready to elevate your home’s design, follow these five tips for decorating with antique mirrors:

Hang Your Mirror With an Eye for Detail

One of the best things about vintage mirrors is that they look amazing anywhere you put them. However, if you want to get the most out of your decorative mirror, you need to consider what will be reflected on its glass surface. If you hang it just right, you can open the room up and make the mirror the focal point of the space.

We suggest hanging your beautiful antique mirror adjacent to a window so that it can reflect the light back into the room. Alternatively, you can place the mirror near your favorite floral arrangements or indoor plants to create a casual and natural design. If you have a design element in your room that you love, such as a glass chandelier or colorful pillows, you can hang the mirror so that these items are captured, and your style is spread without making the room feel over-decorated.

Mix the Antique Mirrors With a Variety of Decor Styles

Placing antique mirrors throughout your house is a great design choice because it can elevate the sophistication of the space, no matter the current decor in that room. You can pair these vintage-style mirrors with a modern farmhouse, French country, mid-century modern, or traditional decor. The choice is up to you, and you never have to worry about the mirror looking out of place.

Place an Antique Mirror in a Small Room to Make It Larger

Do you have a room in your house that feels cramped? Adding a full-length antique mirror to the space can make it feel larger. Not only will the mirror reflect the light back into the room, but it will also draw the eye upwards, elongating the room. You can place vintage furniture or sconce lighting around the mirror to add even more character to an otherwise bland space.

Be Bold With a Mirror Gallery Wall

Take your love for antique mirrors to the next level by creating a mirror gallery wall. Hang different-sized mirrors on a wall in your hallway or stairwell for a very unique look. This mirror gallery will help expand your space without feeling crowded or over-decorated. Plus, the collection of mirrors will carry your home decor through the rest of your home.

Outfit Your Walk-In Closet With an Antique Mirror

If you have a walk-in closet, you know how crucial it is to have a full-length mirror available for checking out your outfits before leaving for the day. Instead of choosing a mirror you can get anywhere, spice up your walk-in closet with a vintage-style mirror.

That’s right — an antique mirror isn’t just a decorative piece. It can also serve a functional purpose. Place an antique mirror in your closet and have fun putting outfits together and maybe snapping a selfie or two.

Elevate the Style of Your Home With Antique Mirrors

Are you excited to start decorating your home with antique mirrors? Then it’s time to shop for the best mirrors around. We carry a wide selection of high-quality glass mirrors in Telford, PA, including vintage-style mirrors. Don’t hesitate to reach out for information about our mirrors and how we can get you set up with gorgeous decorative pieces that will transform your home.

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