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As temperatures start to rise, your car’s windshield can end up suffering from the damaging effects of summer heat. Heat and sun can amplify existing damage on your windshield and cause new issues if you’re not careful. But don’t stress — Alderfer Glass has all the information that you need to keep your trusty windshield in top condition despite the sweltering months ahead! Read on for all you need to know about keeping your windshield safe during summertime.

How Heat Can Damage Your Windshield

If you’ve ever seen a hot glass crack when it’s filled with cold water — or vice versa — you already know that this otherwise strong and solid material can be vulnerable to dramatic temperature shifts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that your windshield glass can take a beating from the summer heat. It’s not uncommon for windshields to crack or shatter due to high temperatures because as the outside temperature rises, the temperature inside the car begins to rise as well, causing stress on the windshield (and the rest of your auto glass). This stress can weaken the windshield over time, especially if it already has damage or ‘road rash’, possibly making it more susceptible to damage from debris on the road or road conditions. As a result, you’ll need windshield repair sooner rather than later — or a complete windshield replacement in Lansdale, PA.

Your Guide to Warm-Weather Windshield Protection

As temperatures increase, so does your risk of windshield damage. Chips and cracks may seem like a minor issue, but they can quickly escalate into a major problem, so it’s essential to take the proper precautions to ensure that your windshield can hold up against even the most extreme temperatures.

Here’s some advice from our auto glass experts:

  • Keep your car out of the sun. When possible, store your vehicle in a garage or park it in the shade to keep it away from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Invest in a sunshade. You can’t run your air conditioning with the car off, but you can limit the amount of heat that gets into your vehicle. A sunshade is a convenient way to keep your car cool and can help protect your windshield from direct sunlight.
  • Crack your windows. Cracking your windows can help reduce the internal temperature of your car and decrease the risk of windshield damage. Just be sure to crack them evenly on both sides to avoid uneven pressure and promote ventilation.
  • Never slam your car doors. The action may seem harmless, but the vibrations can easily cause existing chips to spread and turn into cracks.
  • Keep your windshield clean. Dirt, dust, and debris can scratch your windshield, making it more susceptible to damage. Be sure to keep your windshield clean by regularly washing it with glass cleaner or a mild detergent and room-temperature water. In addition, anytime you wash your vehicle, avoid pouring water on a hot windshield.
  • Deal with damage ASAP. If you do notice any damage, be sure to address it right away by booking windshield replacement in Lansdale, PA, here at Alderfer Glass.

Your Auto Glass Gurus

Heat exposure can easily cause unsightly chips, bulges, and cracks on your windshield, decreasing visibility and restricting airbag and seatbelt performance. These problems should not be ignored or put off into the future as seemingly small annoyances can quickly become larger safety issues.

If something has already caused damage to our windshield, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Alderfer Glass team. Our experienced auto glass professionals are ready to assist you anytime, so contact us today, and we’ll help you get back on the road with security and confidence!

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