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For the past 60 years, Alderfer Glass Company has built a reputation for providing exemplary service, top-notch industry knowledge, and an unmatched group of product selections. There’s nothing worse than leaving a showroom feeling unsatisfied and empty-handed, but that’s seldom the case for Alderfer Glass customers.

Alderfer Glass products are available for both wholesale and retail customers with additional options for installation and design. The trained staff and salespeople at Alderfer Glass Co. have the necessary knowledge to help homeowners and contractors make informed decisions about their glass selection and installation.

The flat glass products available at the Lehigh Valley, PA showroom at Alderfer Glass Co are constantly growing and adjusting to meet the changing needs of the fast-paced modern world. As such, our showrooms can be the best place to get the full effect of the many products available. Some of these products include plate glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, patterned glass, tinted glass, and beveled glass. The team at Alderfer can fabricate custom glass to a customer’s exact specifications, including holes, notches, cutting, beveling, and more. They can create and install glass for custom furniture tops, bars, fireplaces, conference tables, and anywhere else that flat glass is needed.

Anyone with unique glass needs is encouraged to browse the extensive selection of flat glass products at the Lehigh Valley, PA, showroom of Alderfer Glass. The company can fabricate and install custom glass pieces for just about any need. 

About Alderfer Glass Company

Founded in 1961 by two brothers and originally located in Telford, PA, Alderfer Glass Company has since expanded to serve the growing needs of Southeastern PA, with locations added to Lansdale, Limerick and Quakertown. By priding themselves on providing only the best in both product and service, Alderfer Glass has established itself as an honest and trustworthy provider of auto glass services in the Bucks-Mont area for nearly 60 years.

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