Sliding glass doors have a multitude of benefits, including allowing plenty of natural light into a home or business and improving the property’s energy efficiency. Unfortunately, all good things can come to an end, and you may find yourself in a position where your sliding patio doors are not working as well as they once were. When this is the case, you’ll need to decide if you should repair or replace the glass door in your Hellertown, PA, home or business.

We’ve broken down the most common signs of sliding glass door issues to help you decide if you should have the door replaced or repaired. If you notice any of these signs, you’ll know sliding door maintenance needs to go on your to-do list.

Rollers Are Misaligned

Has it been difficult opening and closing your sliding door? This issue could be occurring because the rollers holding the door on the track have become misaligned, bent or damaged. The good news is that if this is your door’s problem, the solution can be simple. All you’ll need to do is tighten the screws holding the rollers on the track or frame, replace the worn-down screws with new ones if stripped, or look at a roller assembly replacement.

Track Is Bent

Another reason it may be difficult to open or close your sliding door is that there’s a problem with the tracks. Tracks can be bent inwards or outwards, or become un-level, and cause the door to jump off course. You can fix a bent track with pliers or vise grips for a minor issue, the track can be repaired, or may need to be replaced (if design allows).

Glass Is Cracked or Broken

It shouldn’t be surprising that if your sliding door’s glass is fogged, cracked or broken, it needs to be replaced. However, if the glass is simply scratched, it may only require a minor repair. Either way, you’ll want to address the issue before it grows into a bigger, more costly problem.

Because replacing broken glass can be precise, intricate and dangerous work, it is best to leave the glass replacement process to a professional glass company. This way, you can avoid injury to yourself or others and ensure the door is properly installed so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home.

There’s a Draft

Do you feel a draft any time you walk by your sliding glass door? Not only can this be a shock to your system, but it also wastes precious heat and cool air. The U.S. Department of Energy found that fixing drafts could save your household 10-20% in annual energy bills. This is a significant amount of money! It goes to show that replacing drafty sliding doors can be an investment worth making for your home.

Door Makes Noise

Our lives are already filled with enough chatter and distractions that we don’t need our sliding doors adding to the chaos. Your sliding patio doors should be virtually silent, so if you notice a loud squeaking or grinding sound, it could be time to have the rollers or doors replaced.

Before investing in new sliding glass doors, make sure you give the track a good clean or lubrication. From time to time, an object or a buildup of dirt may prevent the door from sliding smoothly on the track. If cleaning or lubricating the track doesn’t help, you should reach out to licensed professionals for a new door.

Say Goodbye to Sliding Glass Door Problems With Alderfer Glass

Having your sliding glass doors repaired or replaced is an investment worth making. These improvements can pay for themselves in the savings you earn on your energy bills and the peace of mind you experience knowing your family is safe behind a strong door.

If you notice any issues with your glass patio doors — whether cracked glass or a draft — trust Alderfer Glass with all your sliding door glass repairs and replacements in Coopersburg, PA, and beyond. Schedule a no obligation in-home assessment today!

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