It happens to many people every day, and it could happen to you: You walk outside into the parking lot, only to see a big crack in your car’s windshield. Or, you might be driving behind an 18-wheeler when the wheels suddenly kick gravel onto the front of your vehicle, causing cracks or small chips in your windshield. As the leading provider of windshield repair in Coopersburg, PA, our team of specialists understands that, at best, windshield damage can be a hassle; at worst, it’s a safety issue. Five common causes of windshield damage include:

Car Accidents

It goes without saying that car accidents can cause your car to be damaged. But did you know that head-on collisions or impacts, including small “fender benders,” can crack or harm your windshield glass even if nothing touches your windshield during the incident? Damage to the frame of your car or the areas near the windshield frame or gasket can sometimes be enough to shift or pull the windshield out of place, causing cracks. You don’t have to hit another car, either. A collision with a highway barrier or a pole in a parking lot can be just as dangerous for your auto glass.

Road Debris

Pretty much anything you can find on the side of the road is a potential risk to your automobile’s windshield. Many drivers frequently come into contact with rocks or gravel on the highway. While gravel — a notoriously common kind of road debris — isn’t likely to cause your windshield a catastrophic injury, it can cause small chips that harm your windshield over time. Larger debris, however, can cause harm to the structural integrity of your windshield with just one impact. Traveling at high speeds or closely following other cars on a gravel road puts you at risk for a chip or crack in your windshield. Slow down and take your time to protect your vehicle.

Construction Vehicles

We’ve all driven behind construction vehicles, with or without “Construction Vehicle: Please Keep Back” signs attached to them. Sometimes, a construction vehicle will also display a warning that they are not responsible for damage to your automobile if you come too close. Beware: more often than not, the warning is hung on the truck because it’s carrying gritty or sharp material like rocks. These can come off the truck and onto your windshield. Even if there are no signs on a construction vehicle, assume that they could be a risk and slow down to preserve the safety of your car’s windshield. Always follow construction vehicles at a safe distance, and consider passing them if it is safe and possible to do so.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to your auto glass. Sometimes, you can end up with a damaged windshield just from the elements where you live, such as:


Excessive exposure to UV rays, which are found in sunlight, can damage your windshield over time. Keep your car out of direct sunlight when you can by parking in a garage or in the shade. Windshield cracks that appear when nothing hits your windshield or visibly damages the glass are called “stress cracks,” and they are sometimes caused by this very problem.


If your area is prone to dramatic temperature changes or storms, keep your eyes peeled. Stress cracks can also happen because of extreme temperatures or conditions your car is exposed to. Be mindful that barometric pressure changes the way air interacts with surfaces, including your windshield. While car windshields are built to withstand long-term exposure to outdoor temperatures, they can’t last forever, and living in an extremely hot or cold climate can shorten their service lifespan. Weather events such as hail or snow storms can also affect the integrity of your windshield.


Trees are one of the most common causes of windshield damage. Sometimes high winds will blow tree branches into your car. Other times, branches might just fall out of trees onto your vehicle. You could even be the victim of an entire tree falling over in the wrong direction. Be aware of potential automotive damage when parking under or near trees, even if it’s not a windy day.

Poor Installation

If you bought your car pre-owned, there’s a chance that your windshield was repaired or replaced. The previous installation team might have used low-quality glass or sealed the windshield improperly. If your car has been in an accident and had windshield replacement or repair, you could have the same situation on your hands. Only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or higher quality glass should be used for your car, especially your windshield.

A crack, chip, or ding can happen anywhere or anytime, and that’s why you need a quality auto glass repair service. If you’re looking for windshield repair in Center Valley, PA, or the surrounding areas, contact our team today, and we can get your car safely back on the road. We can both repair and replace windshields depending on the damage, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car, so make sure to treat it that way.

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