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Your windshield is one of the most vital yet vulnerable parts of your automobile. It keeps you safe from wind, debris on the road, extreme weather conditions, and rapidly changing temperatures. And because every vehicle needs a functional windshield, taking some time to learn more about yours is always a good idea.

Over many years of windshield repair in Allentown, PA, our glass repair team has heard many windshield myths floating around. Here are four of the most commonly spread windshield myths — and the real truth about what’s going on!

Myth #1: Frozen Windshield? Use Boiling Water!

No one likes coming out to the car on a chilly winter morning and discovering ice coating their windshield and windows. Because clearing off all that ice can be a huge pain, a variety of “life hacks” and shortcuts have popped up online that claim to instantly remove ice from glass. Some of them work, but many of them don’t. One “life hack” you should never attempt is pouring hot or boiling water on your frozen windshield or windows. The resulting extreme temperature fluctuations can cause the glass to sustain serious damage. Some older windshields or damaged windshields can crack instantly; and even the most modern laminated glass isn’t built to handle such extreme temperature changes. Boiling water is always a bad idea, so pick up some de-icer spray at your local auto store this winter instead.

Myth #2: Small Chips Are Fine

Most people will have to deal with a damaged windshield at some point in their lives. What you do after you first discover damage is critical — in fact, taking the right steps can make the difference for both you and your automobile’s long-term safety and security. Unfortunately, one of the biggest windshield myths is that all small cracks or chips can be written off as minor damage. Even a tiny chip or crack can begin to compromise the structural integrity of the safety glass and may lead to a larger crack, so if you notice even a small windshield problem, book professional auto glass repair ASAP.

Myth #3: Replacement Costs More Than Repair

Some customers are hesitant to replace their windshields because they assume that repair is always the cheaper or best option. However, this can actually be another windshield myth. Not only will your car insurance usually cover most (or all!) of the cost of windshield replacement or repair, but many insurance companies specifically include complete coverage for replacements. The reasoning behind this is that the safer your windshield is, the more protected you’ll be on the road.  Always check insurance and with the glass pros to see what your best option would be.

Myth #4: DIY Repair Works Every Time

It can be frustrating when you realize you’re going to need windshield repair in Allentown, PA. If you don’t want to wait for an insurance payment or haven’t yet filed the paperwork with your insurance company to get the windshield repaired or replaced, it can be tempting to pick up a windshield repair kit at your local big-box store or automotive store and try to do the work yourself. While sometimes cracked windshield repair kits yield acceptable results at first, most of the time you won’t be able to truly repair the glass yourself, and can cause damage or the inability to professionally repair in the future. Your best bet is to consult a professional glass repair company. Not only will your auto insurance cover this repair service, but you won’t have to worry about further damage.

Keep Your Vehicle & Yourself Safe This Winter

Stay safe on the road this year by addressing any windshield issues before the cold weather arrives. To book windshield repair or replacement in Allentown, PA, or the surrounding areas, contact Alderfer Glass by phone or schedule a service online. Our glass repair experts promise to always take care of you and your beloved vehicle!

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