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When selecting a door for your patio or deck, you’ll often be faced with the choice of choosing between two popular styles of doors: Sliding vs. French. There is really not a wrong decision. Whether you choose a sliding patio door or a French door, it all depends on your preferences.

As expert installers of glass doors around Hellertown, PA, we have had our fair share of experience with both French doors and sliding doors, and we know you will love either one. Let’s look at the differences between these styles of doors.


Depending on the materials, hardware, and features you select for your sliding door or French patio door, the cost difference between these styles will differ. According to Angi, a sliding door could cost anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000, while a French-style door could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,500. In actuality, with certain high end options, the range can be even more broad than that.

While French patio doors are typically more expensive than sliding doors, both styles can be designed to fit a particular budget whether for a starter home or a dream home. The more simplistic you design the patio door, with less features and options, generally the less expensive the package price.


When deciding between sliding vs. French patio doors, it’s helpful to consider the overall design of your home. French doors are more traditional and may be a fit with a country home aesthetic with their wood frames and glass panes. Sliding glass doors can be considered more modern and fit contemporary designs.


All exterior doors with glass panels let in some natural light. However, sliding doors with larger glass panels often let in more light than French doors, making them a popular choice among homeowners who wish to make a space feel brighter and more welcoming. 

French doors can have wider frames, so there is less unobstructed natural light pouring through the doors. If you wish to have more light from the sun washing over your room, you may want to choose a glass sliding patio door over a French door.


Because French doors swing open and close, they require a dedicated amount of space. If you live in a small home, a French door may not be the best option. Sliding patio doors are ideal for homes with limited space.

If you’ll be hosting many parties in your house, you may benefit from installing French doors because this type of door offers more space for guests to walk in and out of your home. French doors may also allow you to move furniture indoors and outdoors more easily, especially when both leafs open.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is a happy home. Why? Because you’re happy when you save money from a low energy bill, and when you are comfortable in all weather! One way to save on energy costs is by installing a modern sliding glass patio door or a French door. Both designs are great additions on a home remodel as newer designs are both visually appealing and more energy efficient.

Whether you choose a sliding glass door or a French door with glass panels, you should always consider installing insulated glass panes, and nearly all modern design will incorporate this feature. These panes will help you save even more on your energy costs. If you have existing doors that just need glass replaced? Alderfer can help you with your insulated glass replacement in your home near Coopersburg, PA.

Installing Sliding Doors vs. French Doors on Your Patio

If you’re wondering which style is best, we hope this guide on sliding doors vs. French doors was able to give you a little more insight into the two different patio door styles. We believe the perfect glass door is waiting for you. Contact our expert sales people and technicians to get started in selecting a glass door for your home in Hellertown, PA!

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