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You have taken care to style your house’s interior and be on the cutting edge, but yet your bathroom shower continues to sport the same old curtain. It’s time to take your redecoration to the next level and consider installing a new shower door. But don’t just go with any old design — choose something that pushes the envelope forward! Consider the fact that, when it comes to bathroom design, one of the hottest trends is the Euro-Style shower enclosure.

Essentially, a Euro-style shower door is a sliding shower enclosure designed without a traditional frame. More often than not, this shower door style can also be referred to as a frameless shower door but really forms its own niche given the sliding header design and often exposed wheels and rollers. While the definition and terminology may be elusive at times, our team understands how critical it is for anyone shopping around to familiarize themselves with these options and concepts and are here to help.

What Is a Euro Slider?

So, what’s the difference between a Euro Slider and any other shower door? Where the glass in a majority of the shower doors you may have come across are trimmed with a metal frame, this style door scales back the emphasis on the frame, often doing away with it altogether. This omittance gives way for the exposed rollers, too.

This style requires thicker glass for structural support, which feels beefier and heavier, and also requires the dependable services of a high-quality glass installer. While this model of door tends to skew slightly pricier than its framed counterparts, it can be well worth the cost for the design-minded or homeowners looking to up their property value.

Why Go With a Euro Slider?

A Euro-shower door offers an elegant character to any bathroom, providing guests with a clear view of decorative tile elements (stone, mosaic, etc.) or other design features installed in the shower. It also provides for space-saving design given the sliding nature of the shower doors, and allows for no need to clear a swinging door. However, the advantages go beyond opening up the space and contributing to the bathroom’s overall visual appeal. This style shower door can be easier to clean than its contemporaries, as its flat surface and fewer crevices make it difficult for mildew to take hold and hide, and ample glass options can allow for protection from the elements.

Whether you are looking for the ideal accent to finish your home’s redesign or undertaking an epic remodel of the master bathroom, look no further than Euro-style sliders from Alderfer Glass! For more information about all of our shower enclosures options, contact us today.

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