Foggy windows can be an annoying inconvenience. Condensation on windows is normal, but condensation within windows can point to a bigger problem. If you’ve noticed foggy windows at your home or commercial property, the first step is determining whether the condensation is accumulating on the surface of the glass or on the interior side of your windows.

Why Do Windows Fog?

Once you’ve determined that the condensation is, in fact, occurring within the window panes, your window seal has likely begun to fail. Initially, windows may only fog for a brief period or appear only slightly hazy, but eventually, failed window seals will result in permanently foggy windows. Over time, you may even notice mineral deposits on your windows as well. Foggy windows will limit your visibility, natural light, and enjoyment of your home’s windows, so it’s essential to act quickly to repair or replace internally fogged windows. Worst case, the failed seals can be effecting the energy efficiency of your windows and your home or business.

Advancements in window design have come with some caveats

Older buildings and homes may have single-pane windows. While not great for insulating, single-pane windows are not vulnerable to internal fog because there is only one layer of glass between the inside of the home and the exterior. Modern windows have evolved into double pane and even triple pane designs. While these models are significantly better at insulation and energy efficiency, the multiple layers of glass must be sealed to prevent elements from entering the interior of your windows in an area called the airspace. This is what provides the insulating capabilities of the design.

Think about what your windows go through in every season. If you didn’t have windows, all the debris, weather, and elements of the outside world would be free to enter your house. Over a window’s lifetime, it will have endured extreme temperature fluctuations, intense weather, and other factors that will likely result in its eventual failure and need for replacement.

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