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Fogging windows are a common issue noted during home inspections. The fog often comes and goes and is often worse at night or first thing in the morning. Most concerningly, it is impossible to wipe off because it forms between the two panes of your double-pane glass. If you have a problem with fogging insulated glass in Telford, PA, you may be wondering what it means and how you can fix it.

Why Do Seals Fail?

When seals do fail, is it often a gradual process. Insulated glass is constantly going through wear and tear from weather and temperature changes. Every time you slam your windows or doors, it can take a small toll on the seals over the years. The panes expand and contract during weather changes (as all glass does), and the seals are flexible enough and designed to deal with this change but this ability diminishes over time. They also have to withstand rain, sleet, hail, atmospheric pressure changes, and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Modern windows are made quite well, but life and the elements will inevitably wear them down over time. Older window units that have been through prolonged sun and weather exposure are among the most commonly replaced by industry professionals.

How Do You Detect Seal Failure?

If you notice your windows fogging, the first step is to clean them to make sure the moisture is internal (between the two panes). Temperature differences can commonly cause external moisture, which usually isn’t a sign of a problem. If you wipe your window down thoroughly and it still appears foggy, it is likely the result of a seal failure.

Second, you should look for window visual distortion and sporadic condensation. When seals fail, the inert gas begins to leak out from between your two window panes and atmospheric air infiltrates the seal. Sporadic condensation is essentially moisture in your windows that shouldn’t be there. It is usually what causes the trademark fogging that we see with seal failure.

What Can You Do About Seal Failure?

Full insulated glass replacement is oftentimes the homeowner’s best option. There are newer, energy saving windows available now that can make the project worth it and actually save you money in the long run. If you notice a lot of failed seals around in your house, then a full-home replacement project might be your best option. Our trained staff can help evaluate your windows and the necessity of replacement glass.

Anyone interested in learning more about seal failure and insulated glass in Lansdale, PA should reach out to the pros at Alderfer Glass for more information.

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