More and more fitness enthusiasts are discovering the appeal of working out at home. They don’t have to pay monthly membership fees, can use the equipment they want when they want, and don’t have to worry about others judging their form. For once, workout fanatics can get in the zone in peace.

If you’re looking to exercise at home and cancel your gym membership, you will want to consider hanging a large mirror in your home workout space. Commercial gyms have wall-mounted mirrors throughout their space for a reason, and you could take a page from their book as you set up your home gym. Here’s why you should install a gym mirror in your home and how you can find the perfect glass mirror.

Why Your Home Gym Should Have Mirrors

If you ask any personal trainer what you should include in your home gym, you may be surprised to hear them recommend a mirror. However, if you dig deeper into their reasoning, you will learn that glass mirrors for home gyms are just as important as the equipment you will be using in front of them.

Gym mirrors can help you keep an eye on your form. Training is only effective when you can achieve proper form. This can be challenging to do on your own — unless you have a mirror in front of you. Using a gym mirror at home will enable you to keep your muscles strong and avoid injury by getting into the proper form, whether running on the treadmill or lifting weights.

Another added benefit of outfitting your home gym with wall-mounted mirrors is making your space feel bigger than it actually is. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to set up their home workout spaces in small rooms or the corners of garages. The space can feel cramped and tight and may discourage you from working out. By adding mirrors across the walls of your home gym, you can open the space up and even create a professional look you’ll want to share with guests and your social media followers.

Tips for Shopping for Home Gym Mirrors

If you’ve decided to install a mirror in your home gym, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect mirror. While you’re hunting for home gym mirrors, keep these key aspects in mind:

One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the most important things you need to consider when shopping for home gym mirrors is the size of the mirror. You don’t want the mirror to be too small; otherwise, you’ll have to crouch down to see your full reflection or miss out on seeing if your bottom half is in the correct position.

The best mirrors for home gyms are large wall mirrors that allow you to see your entire body as you work out. Of course, there are no exact measurements you need to follow when getting a “large” mirror. You will need to consider the size of your space and your own height. One mirror may be large enough for a petite yogi but not the right size for a bodybuilder. Just make sure to take careful measurements of your home gym and your height before making a final purchase for a mirror.

Glass Presents the Perfect Picture

Remember how we said gym mirrors are important for ensuring you are practicing proper form while working out? Well, you can’t accurately assess your form if your mirror presents a distorted image. That’s why it’s important to choose a gym mirror that is made of glass vs. acrylic.

Glass is highly reflective and doesn’t distort the reflected image. Acrylic mirrors, on the other hand, create slight distortions in your reflection, making it challenging to observe your form. If technique is important to you (which it should be since it reduces the risk of injury), you will want to choose a glass home gym mirror so that you can make proper adjustments to your form as needed.

Go Frameless for a Clean, Professional Look

Framed mirrors may be everywhere in your local stores, but they are often made with cheap materials, and the frames can get in the way of checking out your form. Instead of these mirrors, you will want to hang frameless mirrors on the walls of your home gym.

Frameless mirrors capture all the natural light in your space and make your home gym look professional. You can even hang two or more frameless mirrors next to each other to create an even larger reflective surface without distorting the image.

Think Thick

Selecting a mirror made with thick glass is just as important as getting a large home gym mirror. Thick mirrors do not break as easily, which is an essential feature for a home gym mirror. If you’ve been lifting weights for some time, you know how often they get dropped, and dumbbells can easily break thin and weak mirrors.

Thick glass mirrors are also more stable, so they will not flex like acrylic mirrors. When flexing occurs, the reflection is distorted, making it feel like you’re in a funhouse of mirrors rather than a gym! To ensure your mirror is thick enough, 6mm thickness or ¼” mirror is recommended.

Start Shopping for Home Gym Mirrors

Now that you know the importance of home gym mirrors and the qualities you should be looking for, it’s time to start shopping! At Alderfer Glass, we manufacture top-quality glass products, including gym mirrors and interior sliding glass doors. We can help you create the home gym of your dreams. So, go ahead and cancel that gym membership and get in touch with our professionals for a quote on your custom mirror selections.

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