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Glass & Mirror Care

Use the guidelines below to keep your glass and mirror clean and usable for years to come:

  • The best and safest cleaner for glass and mirror is clean warm water used with a soft clean cloth.  Be sure to not allow edges of mirror to remain wet for extended periods of time.
  • Do not use any acidic or alkali cleaners on glass, mirror or installation metals.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or powders.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning instruments like steel wool.
  • For more aggressive cleaning use commercial glass cleaners that contain no ammonia or vinegar.  We recommend our branded glass cleaner.
  • Avoid newspaper or any other towels that contain contaminants or lint.
  • Avoid spraying cleaners directly on glass or mirrors. We recommend spraying onto soft cloth or towel and then cleaning surface.
  • Always use a soft, clean, grit-free cloth when cleaning to reduce chances of scratching and abrasions.
  • Be sure to dry product fully to avoid prolonged contact with cleaners and solvents. Keep cleaners off mirror backing to avoid deterioration.
  • Good ventilation of glass or mirror product avoids moisture buildup (‘sweating’) and reduces risk of corrosion or damage to glass and mirror. This includes proper bathroom ventilation and utilizing buttons/spacers on tabletops.

By following these simple guidelines you prolong the life of your glass or mirror and the product will provide you many years of successful use.

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